The Landfill Gas Industry Alliance
We represent a collective group of Canadian Industries committed to making significant contributions to Canada's efforts to decrease the effects of global climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from landfills.
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GMI is an international public-private initiative that advances cost effective ,near term methane recovery and use as a clean energy source in four sectors,agriculture,municipal solid waste, and oil and gas systems. These projects reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the near term and provide a number of important environmental and economic co-benefits such as :

  • Stimulating local economic growth
  • Creating new sources of affordable alternate energy
  • Improving local air and water quality with associated public health benefits
  • Increasing industrial worker safety.

The initiative reduces the informational,instutional and other market barriers to project development through the development of tools and resources, training and capacity building, technology demonstration and direct project support.





Global Methane Initative